If the motivation of working out in a group is your thing then you’re absolutely in the right place because we have a huge program of classes, from BODYATTACK and BODYPUMP to to HIIT and circuit sessions.

3 visit pass

We all like to try before we buy! If you’re a Sydney local looking for not just a gym, but more of a home from home, then we’d love you to give us a go,  (we’re pretty confident that you’ll want to make it long term!)


Whatever your way of working out, we’ve got you covered. In addition to our group ex classes, we’ve got HIIT and small group training, an iron-pumping weights floor and heart-pumping cardio, as well as yoga and Pilates.

A friendly, inclusive and supportive club offering exercise classes, high-intensity and functional training, weights and cardio, yoga and Pilates.



a wonderfully inclusive community in the heart of newtown

If you’re looking for a good old fashioned gym with thoroughly modern values, you’ve found it!

Located in the heart of Newtown we have everything you need for a fantastic exercise experience, as well as a fabulous community that will turn your time at the gym into a pleasure, not a chore.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful Newtown Gym family, and helping you smash your fitness goals while having a LOT of fun!

why choose newtown gym?

Because you'll achieve and maintain your fitness goals - and enjoy doing so - when you feel comfortable and supported


We have fostered a beautifully welcoming and supportive community that will make your workouts fun and turn your time at the gym into a pleasure, not a chore!


Our club is founded on the key principle of inclusivity. Whoever you are, our team and members will make you feel comfortable and safe - today, tomorrow, always.


We're unapologetic clean freaks and always have been! We take huge pride in keeping our equipment in full working order (as well as spotlessly hygienic)


We are located in the beating heart of Newtown, just a two-minute walk along King Street from the station. You'll find us waiting for you with open arms!


However you like to exercise, we've got you covered - from group ex classes and small group training, to our gym floor and mind-body workouts.


 Our high- Intensity Interval training (HIIT), and Les Mill Body Attack incinerate fat and enhance movement patterns.


Housed in two separate areas, our weights and cardio floors offer a great choice of equipment – as well as lots of space to train in.

Newfit GROUP

Our NewFit Group timetable encompasses BODYPUMP and Short Circuit classes.


Our Yoga and Pilates classes can help you improve your breathing, posture, strength and flexibility, while also calming your mind.

3 visits
for $3

We all like to try before we buy. If you like the look of us but aren’t quite ready to commit, we’d love you to give us a go to see if we’re the right fit! Only $3 (classes, weights & cardio- valued at $75).

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