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I was driving in moderate peak hour traffic early this morning- so everyone was late to work and driving fast. I was going up a hill at around 50kph (because of course any faster would have been breaking the speed limit), and I could see a girl on a pretty ordinary bicycle weaving up the road ahead.

She was in the wrong gear and had no bike handling skills to speak of. She made the mistake of turning her head to see who was behind her as she obviously wanted to change lanes- and of course her bike went in the same direction as her shoulders.

She narrowly missed getting hit! I shudder to think what will happen to her.

The point of this is- she didn’t have the skillset or fitness level to perform the task she was attempting and wasn’t on a responsive bicycle that really helps if you are in traffic.

Think about this in relation to your workouts in the gym or even in classes or a nutrition plan.


If you’re in the weights room- learn how to use the machines and free weights properly and get a trainer to help you with a program.

If you do classes, learn the moves. If you’re not sure, ask the instructor after the class. They always hang around, and questions are welcome.

As to your nutrition- don’t just eliminate a food group and hope for the best. At the least- do your homework, but preferably see a qualified nutritionist.