Functional Training for Office Workers

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Are you an office worker suffering from neck and shoulder pain?

The solution to neck and shoulder pain could lie within a better understanding of functional training.

The damage you do to your body from a sedentary life – tight hip flexors, tight calves, weak glutes and lower abs, rounded shoulders, poor neck posture and a myriad of neck and shoulder pain issues can potentially all be corrected with functional training.

All over your body there are tiny little muscles that are a millimetre or less in diameter and only a centimetre or less  long and these are important stabilising muscles that often don’t get a look in when doing more conventional, (non functional training), forms of exercise.

Think of the body as like a tent- all the guy ropes have to be taut and exerting equal force in order for the structure to remain stable. This means your opposing, (agonist and antagonist), muscles all need to be in balance. By doing exercise that demands this, your body will develop in a way most appropriate to meet the demands.

Functional training will help correct imbalances in the skeletal muscle system thereby improving posture, balance and flexibility. It could also of course provide the answer to your neck and shoulder pain.